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Latex care
  • To put on, rub talcum powder or latex shine on your body and inside of the garment to prevent sticking to your skin
  • Be gentle - pulling latex too harsh may rip it.
  • Be careful of sharp objects such as fingernails and jewelry - they can easily rip latex.
    • Polishing
      • To achieve glossy shine use silicone based latex polish.
      • Use only dedicated latex polish/shine. Industrial rubber polish may break latex.
        • Washing
          • Hand wash latex in warm water using mild soap or detergent.
          • Dry it out in the shade - hang it or dry using towel.
          • Avoid latex sticking to itself while drying. Use clothes hanger if needed.
          • Use only the most basic soap/detergent - the fewer ingredients the better.
          • Do not wash latex using detergents that include oily substances.
          • Never leave latex unwashed for too long - sweat contains body oils that will weaken latex.
          • Latex color may look different after washing as it absorbs water. It will be back to normal after your latex is dry again.
          • Polish latex using silicone lube or talcum powder it after it is completely dry - it will protect latex from sticking to itself and oxidation.
            • Storing
              • Store latex in cool, dark and dry place.
              • Avoid latex sticking to itself. Talcum powder or polish your latex with silicone lube before storing.
              • Store lighter colors away from darker colors as lighter colors may discolor.
              • It is safe to store latex hanging in the wardrobe.
              • If you intend to store latex for longer period - talcum powder it and put in a plastic bag or paper wrap it.
                • Avoid!
                  • Avoid any contact with oil - it will destroy your latex!
                  • Avoid excessive heat - it may melt of burn latex.
                  • Avoid washing latex in very hot water - it may stretch latex and deform it.
                  • Avoid direct sunlight.
                  • Avoid any form of salt - wash your latex carefully after contact with salty environment.
                  • Avoid contact with cooper, brass or bronze as it will permanently stain latex.
                  • Nicotine may stain latex, especially lighter colors. Be careful while you smoke.
                  • Be careful when you mix latex and leather products. Some leather uses oily substances during the manufacturing process that may damage latex.